Why are diamonds so expensive

Why are diamonds so expensive

Why are diamonds so expensive? When you are out for purchasing a bit of diamond or a diamond ring, for that matter, the very, very first thing you’ll realize is that the price. It’s no wonder that diamonds are quite expensive.


The shiny rocks need to undergo tons before reaching you within the perfect condition you discover them within the shops. The processes increase the value pushing the costs higher. Remember that the stone is from the diamond mine and wishes to be cut and polished to be the spectacle you expect.


Moreover, diamonds still increase in value and remain beautiful, regardless of how long a private own them.


  • Diamonds are timeless stones frequently utilized in pendants, engagement rings, tennis bracelets, and earrings.


  • Not all diamonds are expensive because they will differ greatly in value and price. Stones that accompany defects and imperfections are sold at relatively low prices compared to the top-quality perfect ones.


  • The inferiority diamonds are still utilized in different applications and tools so that they still have some value. Here is why diamonds remain very expensive so far. With the rising price of natural diamonds, there has been demand created for materials similar within the gemological characteristics to real diamonds referred to as diamond simulants or imitations.


  • In modern days the foremost common materials wont to make simulated diamonds are high-leaded glass-like rhinestone and cubic zirconia with such lab-created products as moissanite shooting up jewelry products.

Here are some more points about why are diamonds so expensive

Why are diamonds so expensive

1. It is tough to cut top quality diamond:

The toughness of diamonds makes it more precious than other gems because it lasts a lifetime. Diamond features a high boiling point because it’s extremely hard. This makes it withstand temperatures and falls or crashes that might have otherwise damaged it.


Once the raw diamonds are mined, they have to be dig shapes and then faceted and polished to prepare for the market. This will be very tedious, considering how hard the stone is. Many efforts must be put to urge the utmost brilliance; therefore, the stone captures light because it should.


Diamonds must attain certain proportions, and that they require attention to realize a balance between cut, clarity, and carat weight.

2. Diamonds are rare:

Diamonds that have passable quality are very rare, and this pushes the costs higher.


People who have good quality enough to be sold by jewelers are few, thus commanding relatively high prices compared to diamonds that are low in quality and fit other applications that do not demand diamond quality.


The rarity of acceptable grade diamonds plays an enormous role in the prices.

3. Diamonds with good color are hard to seek out:

The color of a diamond may be a vital quality characteristic; the whiter or clearer the stone, the more its value.


Most diamonds are noticeably yellowish with just a couple of passing for having no tints. Therefore, when an honest, clear stone is found, it’s expected to be priced higher due to how demanding the look for the best color.

4. It is hard to seek out bigger diamonds:

Diamonds are of various carat weight, and therefore the bigger the stone, the costlier the worth per carat will be. This is often just because bigger diamonds are rare and hard to seek out compared to small diamonds.


The dimensions also leave the stones susceptible to visible flaws. Hence when an honest large diamond is found, the worth will certainly be very high.

Here we are  providing below a average price range of diamond per carat.

Diamond Carat WeightPrice Per Carat, (Round Cut)
0.50 carat$1,220 – $5,800
1.0 carat$2,400 – $18,000
1.50 carat$3,400 – $24,000
2.0 carat$4,100 – $29,000
3.0 carat$7,100 – $51,000
4.0 carat$8,300 – $71,500
5.0 carat$9,500 – $67,500


1. What are diamonds used for?

Diamond leads one to possess an expensive life. Diamond is additionally alleged to enhance the name, fame, and artistic quality of the person. A diamond may be a hot gem creating goodness and removing the consequences of evil. It’s the foremost expensive gemstone within the category of gemstones. The most promising diamond is one that’s colorless with a blue tinge or one, which sprays blue, and red rays and is without black dots.


2. Why are diamonds so valuable?

Diamonds are revered since their discovery, and since they’re one of the foremost brilliant stones and hardest stones within the world, they need to come to be recognized as a symbol of eternal love and devotion.
Although they appear nothing like a traditional diamond, many-colored diamonds are costlier because they’re harder to return. So, if someone is trying to find a unique gift and has the finances to try to do so, they’ll want to think about purchasing a colored variant of the timeless diamond.


3. What are simulated diamonds?

To be considered a diamond simulant, the fabric must possess qualities that are almost like natural diamonds. Tons of diamond simulants are extremely almost like real diamonds but always have one or more flaws that will differentiate them from the important thing. Another way of acknowledging the difference between natural and simulated diamonds is that the degree of color prismatic is seen.


4. What are pave diamonds?

When you are choosing to pave diamonds, there are various styles to settle on from. You’ll choose a “full pave,” which may be a band of diamonds set around a hoop, or a “half pave,” which is when the diamonds are set only halfway around the ring. A half pave easier because the stones are you’ll also choose a micro to pave, suggesting very small diamonds very closely set. There are very stylish loose paved diamonds for the budget-conscious shopper, where the diamonds are set loosely apart, using fewer diamonds for the general effect.


5. How much do diamonds cost?

The cut of a diamond is usually confused with the form of a diamond, but there’s far more to the cut of a diamond that is simply shaping the diamond. The clarity of a diamond is usually the second most vital aspect when determining the cost of a diamond. Two factors affect the clarity grade of a diamond, and that they are: inclusions and blemishes. The carat of a diamond is the load of the diamond, and one carat is adequate to two hundred milligrams of weight. Diamond weight is that the most vital thing about determining the cost of a diamond.


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