What is poplin fabric

What is poplin fabric

What is poplin fabric?

What is poplin fabric? There are varied types of fashion fabrics available in the worldwide market such as broadcloth, crepe, rayon, spandex, etc. Every type of fabric comes with its characteristics and history. One such fashion fabric, poplin, is made from a tight weave which gives a smooth feel to its clothing. Want to know more about poplin fabric? Read the article below

Poplin fabric refers to that plain weave fabric that has a simple over-under pattern. It has a tight weave, fine warp yarns, and coarser weft yarns. The poplin fashion fabric is also termed tabinet fabric. This fabric can arise from materials such as cotton fabric, cotton blends, silk poplin, polyester poplin, polyester blends, and lycra stretch poplin. This fashion fabric is wrinkle-free, easy to breathe, and offers different colors and varieties which gives it a beautiful drape and little stretch.

How is poplin made?

This is the fabric that has a silk warp and wool weft. To give rise to the plain weave poplin fabric, manufacturers use fine warp yarns and coarser weft yarns. Poplin fabric is differentiated by its ribbed texture and closed weave. It comprises silk warp yarns and wool yarns that give it the classic ribbed texture.


But in today’s world, poplin fabric has been started manufacturing from 100% cotton that makes it lightweight but also keeps its strength strong.

Origins of poplin

Poplin fabric originated in the city of Avignon, France in the fifteenth century. Since its origin, it’s the most popular fabric used for making winter attire. The word poplin has been derived from “pipeline”. Despite being woven or manufactured using silk, it’s very common and cheap. From other fashion fabrics, poplin is usually reasonable. Nowadays, most people prefer to wear poplin instead of pure silk. This fabric is very soft to touch, durable, and has a smooth and lustrous surface.

Characteristics of poplin

The features or characteristics which makes it an amazing fabric and that makes it renowned worldwide are given as

1- Smooth and even feel

The plain yet right weave of poplin means that it’s very smooth and soft in touch. It has the knit fabrics which will make anyone feel bumpy and ribbed. Hence, it’s suitable for all age groups.

2- Lightweight

For those who are searching for a lightweight, thin, and smooth fabric for summer, poplin is the ultimate fabric that they should have in their wardrobe. Whether for formal, party, or gathering, poplin suits perfectly well to every occasion.

3- Durable

For marriages and family functions, wearing a poplin heavy stitched dress is wonderful. It’s very durable and can be washed in the machine without breaking its shape. Its wrinkle-resistant has also made this fabric a smarter option for home decor stuffs like upholstery fabric, table cloths, and quilting.

4- Inexpensive

Because poplin is very cheap for manufacturers, when it comes to the market as a dress or garment, it’s comparatively less than other fabrics. As it comes from many materials like polyester, cotton, silk, etc, its price differs according to the material. For reference, polyester poplin fabric is much cheaper than silk poplin.

5- Easy to dye and print

Like other fabrics, poplin can also be got various prints and dyes which makes it the appropriate fabric for various clothing options with different colors and patterns. Taking from polka dot to the floral print, any design can get on poplin fabric.

Uses of poplin

Different uses of the poplin fabric are stated under the below points.

1- Shirting

When it comes to choosing the most comfortable fabric for different types of shirting, poplin is the first choice of various persons. It is the common shirting fabric that has been used in various blouses to men’s formal shirts and button-ups t-shirts. Even in cold weather, poplin is used in silk shirts. And in warm weather, cotton poplin fabric shirts are popular.

2- Lightweight, airy clothing

Poplin fabric is used in most of the summer attire. Due to its feature of lightweight and airy clothing, it can be used in numerous summer attire taking from a girl’s top to airy pants and jeans. That’s why poplin is considered as the evergreen fabric that is perfect for all seasons.

3- Women's dress

Because poplin has a light airy drape texture, the women’s dress like flare Anarkali gowns and sarees looks weak if it’s made from the poplin fabric. A polyester dress, silk dress, cotton dress that can comprise poplin gives a very flowy look and is perfect for the summertime.

4- Pajamas

As the poplin fabric is smooth and comfortable to be worn, it is one of the most recommended fabrics for the bottom wears like jeans, pants, trousers, lowers, etc. Also, it gives a comfortable feel when wearing at night. Hence, it’s perfect for lounge wear too.


1. What is the poly-poplin fabric?

Poly Poplin fabric is one of the most appreciated fabrics in the world. This fabric feels crisp and cool. Due to its organic nature property, this fabric is the most breathable so far. Even for formal attire, poly poplin fabric is famous due to its polished look. It's already become the most popular fabric for clothing amongst men and women worldwide.

2. Does poplin fabric stretch?

Yes, a poplin fabric can stretch, and hence it's called lycra poplin fabric. It is very smooth yet durable and has fine mercerized which has a silky sheen finish.

3. How does poplin feel?

The poplin fabric gives a very smooth geek when anyone touches it. Hence, it's the most comfortable fabric ever known worldwide.

4. Is poplin cool for summers?

The cotton poplin fabric has a densely woven criss-cross shape that helps in giving strength and lightweight to the fabric together. It gives a silky soft touch. Its criss-cross shape allows better air circulation, which makes this fabric comfortable and fit for summers as well.

5. What is cotton poplin fabric used for?

Cotton poplin fabric can be used in wide arrays of dresses, robes, and shirts.


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