Prepaid Electricity

Prepaid Electricity

Astonishing features of prepaid electricity


”prepaid electricity” in a country with a tremendously massive population, people need primary resources to carry on with their practical and productive lifestyle. Some of such essential resources are water, electricity, and cooking gas. It’s challenging to manage a whopping population and accomplish their demand for these resources. To give support to the needs of the people, the government has come up with the idea of a prepaid electricity system.


Prepaid implies you gave to pay for the services before using the product or services. For example, a prepaid electric meter or prepaid electric supply uses a prepaid scheme for electricity. This allows you to pay for your electricity use and be safe from suffering the penalty.


Prepaid electricity brings in various advantages that can help you save your efforts and money as well. If you are looking for a way to install prepaid electricity at your home or office option, you must be aware of its healthy and intelligent features. Look at some of the fantastic features of the prepaid electricity brought mentioned in the table below.


.Advantages of
prepaid electricity
Disadvantages of
prepaid electricity
1.Easly monitor of your electricity consumption.Electricity will be disconnected remotely-
when you run out of your money in your account
2Easy buying tokensYou have to keep an eye always to check your balance.
3No credit check involved.Too few plans for consumers.
4Easly manage your cash flow of electricity. 
5You can avoid hidden fees, account services etc. 
6Saves your money. 
7Emergency credit available. 


Easy buying options: You don’t have to toil hard to access a prepaid electricity system. It’s as easy as using your fingertips over a phone. Get access to a prepaid electricity meter by registering. Proceed with your desired recharges and electricity use. Get quick access to your prepaid electricity options without any hassle or time loss.


Keep an eye on your uses: If you plan to make significant savings, the task you should focus on is monitoring. Prepaid electricity allows you to keep a keen eye on your use and the respective expenses of the electricity. You have the key to note down your daily and monthly use that gives you more clarity about what and where your electricity is used. You will now curtail all try excessive consumption of electricity. This is found to save you up to 15% of your monthly consumption.


Get rid of overwhelming bills: The use of prepaid electricity gives you a grip on electricity usage. You are focusing not only on your savings but also on valuable resources. The use of electricity is not exaggerated anymore. You attain a healthy grip on electricity. Make your cash flow divert in the right direction. Less use of electricity on a large scale will reduce the prospects of load shedding. You can now use electricity all day long as per your needs all day long.


What more do you wish to expect from this extensive feature? Installing a prepaid electricity system will bring in more perks to you than ever.


1. How does prepaid electricity work?

Ans: When you buy prepaid electricity and pay the bill prior, you don’t receive a monthly bill. Instead, you will purchase some specific amount of kilowatt of electricity. When this electricity reaches some low quantity before exhaustion, you need to recharge and buy electricity further. simply you have to pay how much you use electricity.meter balance get decreases when you use electricity you will receive alerts to your mobile or you will get email about electricity. instead of gettinag bills every month.

2. Is it cheaper to have a prepaid electricity meter?

Ans: No, prepaid electricity can be a bit expensive than regular bill payments. But it comes with some advantages that can help to curtail the costs.

3. How do I buy prepaid electricity with my phone?

Ans: To buy prepaid electricity, you need to dial *120*321# from your mobile number and follow the prompts to complete the process.

4. Is prepaid power cheaper than ESB?

Ans: No, prepaid power is not cheaper than ESB. But there are also some benifits. you can control of your electricity cost by using prepaid electricity.

5. How do I stop my prepaid power?

Ans: Once your kilowatt supply is exhausted, your supplier disconnects your electric supply. You can then request him to install the billing meter.

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