How to use fabric softener

How to use fabric softener, benefits of fabric softener

How to use fabric softener? benefits of fabric softener

Would you like to imbue a fresh and strong odor in your clothes along with leaving your clothes soft all the time? how to use fabric softener? using fabric softener such as comfort blue is suggested. The effect of fabric softener will last for at least 14 days. Earlier, fabric softener was not trendy, but in this generation when people like to wear scented and cottony soft clothes, fabric softener has become the ultimate need. We will discuss more the fabric softeners in this article.

Why use a fabric softener?

1- For making ironing process easy

When you use the fabric softener, you can easily iron your clothes which means it will be looking sharp and crisp for 24*7. This will be achieved as a fabric softener will lower the resistance of the surface that means iron can slide easily across the clothes.

2- For protecting clothes color and keeping it bright

If you wish to protect your cloth from color fading then using fabric softener is the only solution. Using a fabric softener will create a protective layer that protects the fiber of the cloth. During washing, the abrasion will become less, hence less color will fade from the cloth.

3- Reduces the drying time

Using fabric softener, the clothes will be dried off easily. It will speed up the water evaporation process which will make the cloth drying process much faster. That means you can wear your favorite dress anytime without the fear of drying.

4- Decreases the static cling

Using fabric softener will ensure that your clothes will not stick to your body. It assists in reducing the sluggish adhesion which equalizes the charged components in scratchy, harsh textures, and also reduces the tension in the fibers.

How to use fabric softener and When can you use a fabric softener?

It’s always a question amongst the people when to use fabric softener and when to avoid it? As everyone knows that fabric softener works excellent for towels. But obviously, fabric softener is made of chemicals just like other detergents and liquids. That is why it’s advisable to avoid it with the clothes that will be worn by people with sensitive skin such as infants and toddlers.

Using fabric softener in the laundry

It’s a known fact that fabric softener can be used on towels and also goes perfectly well with all types of fabric. But there are still some fabrics that might get spots and other damage if used as a fabric softener. While fabric softener can make the fabric surface smooth and silky and gives it a pleasant touch and fragrance. Hence, a fabric softener or conditioner is suitable for all kinds of laundry powders and detergent. Just avoid the clothes with sensitive touch and feel because it might harm the skin of the people who wear them.

Now let us move to know about the actual topic i.e how to use the fabric softener . If you are curious about knowing it, then you surely need to read this article.

Step by step to use fabric softener in the washing machine | How to use fabric softener

1- The first method that you need to look for is whether your fabric is a washing machine safe and suitable or not. If it is, then well you can add the fabric softener directly to the washing machine and can wash off the cloth. Meanwhile, if it’s not, then look for more steps below.


2- Take a measuring cup to measure the fabric softener. Usually, the fabric softener bottle comes with a measuring cup. While it also depends upon which brand of fabric conditioner you are using. That’s why it’s always advisable to look at the instructions at the back of the bottle.


3- Before starting to wash the clothes, put the fabric conditioner into the detergent drawer of your machine. And add the detergent as well. The drawer comes with a separate compartment that indicates you can add the fabric conditioner to it. The compartment can be of star or flower shape. Check your washing machine manual, because this space may vary by brand. Never add the softener directly to the drum.


4- Now start your washing process, and release the fabric conditioner when you are going to rinse or dry off the clothes. If you are using a semi-automatic machine, you need to add the softener before the rinsing cycle begins.


5- This step is valid only for hand washable clothes. Take 18 ml of fabric softener to the 1-liter bucket of water. Add the softener and detergent and mix it with your clothes. Use your hands to swirl the liquid and then rinse off the cloth for smooth and soft results.


6- After rinsing your clothes with the fabric softener either hand washed or machine washed, make sure to wash your clothes with water to reduce the problem of irritation. Because this process is not followed post using fabric softener, you may experience a mild reaction to it on your skin.

“How to use fabric softener” 


1. When to add fabric softener?

Fabric softener needs to be added during the rinsing process because this way your clothes can be cleaned with conditioner as well. Just make sure to put the softener in the pockets so that your clothes may not get damaged.

2. How does fabric softener work?

The fabric conditioner works by inserting the greasing chemicals on the fabric which leaves the fabric smooth, soft, and also reduces the static cling.

3. How to use fabric softener in the washing machine without a dispenser?

Pour the fabric softener into the rinsing cycle. Instead of pouring it into the tub directly, put it in the rinsing cycle to avoid the cloth staining.

4. How to use liquid fabric softener?

1- Use the bottle cup to measure the liquid. 2- Pour it into the washer softener dispenser tray. 3- Let the fabric softener do its thing and you can get the soft and fluffy result.

5. How to remove fabric softener stains?

1- Rub on the stain with any soap or launder. 2- Let the stain be saturated with detergent and water. Rinse it in the hot water. If the stain is there, rub it with alcohol or with a commercial cleaner. Then rinse it with detergent and warm water.

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