How Much Do Welders Make In Florida

How Much Do Welders Make In Florida

How Much Do Welders Make In Florida: Find out the amount welders earn in Florida!

Welding is a lucrative job if you are aware of how to begin. It is reported that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Florida welding professionals make an average in the range of $15.62 per hour.

However, the highest earners can earn upwards of $29.59 an hour! Are you curious as to the average wage of welders in Florida? Take a look at this guide to learn more!

What is a welder?

A welder is a highly skilled tradesperson that uses specific equipment to join two pieces of metal together, typically under extreme pressure and heat. Welding is just one of the techniques used to fuse materials. Each one is unique and has strengths and weak points.

Welding allows you to make things that can’t be produced in any other way. However, it also causes seams that can be aesthetically appealing.

Training and certifications are required to become a professional welder:

The minimum education requirement required to become a welding professional is a High school diploma or equivalent. However, some employers require an associate’s diploma, especially for positions that require specialized knowledge, like welding engineers.

An apprenticeship program that lasts three years could help students prepare for entry-level welding jobs and enable them to attain the status of a journeyman in a selected trade union upon passing the certification test.

The most lucrative city for welding jobs in Florida per hour

What is the average salary for Welders? We reviewed recent data to find out the median salary of Welding Specialists. And these are the results of our findings.

Welding is a profession that offers opportunities for driven, visionary people and a solid appreciation of science. We collected data on Hired for different cities and job fields in light of these aspects.

Orlando, FL – $17.21/hr. – $36,790/yr.

Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, FL – $16.54/hr.

Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL – $15.51/hr.

Jacksonville, FL – $14.76/hr.

Tallahassee, FL – $12.81/hr.

Pensacola Ferry Pass-Brent FL Pensacola-Ferry Pass-Brent, FL $11.65/hr.

Gainesville, FL – $10.77/hr.

Sarasota-Bradenton-Venice, FL – $9.84/hr.

Earnings over time as a welding:

The first year you work as a welding professional could pay you around $32,000-36,000 If you’re working 40 hours per week. After that, your pay will depend on the experience you’ve gained.

The longer you’ve had in your resume, and the higher your earnings will likely make. But, there are always exceptions to these general rules. For instance, certain welding professionals in different states make more money than others because of the cost of living or union affiliations.


1. What is the average amount that certified welders earn in Florida?

A welder certified in Florida can make the equivalent of around $40k per year. In certain regions like Miami-Dade County, certified welders can earn as high as $56,000 per year.

2. What is the most lucrative welding job?

The welding supervisor in 2009 made the equivalent of $60,000 per year. Welding engineers made around $71k per year. Welding inspectors earned an average amount of $57,6 in a year.

3. How can I become Welder here in Florida?

To be a welder, you must possess either a high school diploma or GED. It is also necessary to take an apprenticeship course and pass a certified examination.

4. Can welders make 100k?

 Welders can earn as much as $100,000 per year. Welding supervisors make up to $120,000 per year.

5. How much does welding school cost in Florida?

The welding school costs between $5,000 and $7,000 per year. It can take about two years to go through an apprenticeship.


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