how long does lasik take to heal

How Long Does Lasik Take to Heal

How Long Does Lasik Take To Heal? Get The Answer Here!

Suppose you’re considering having Lasik surgery to improve your vision. In that case, you’re likely wondering about the healing process after the procedure. For example, what is the time it takes for Lasik to recover? Unfortunately, that’s a difficult question to answer as everyone heals at their speed and has different recovery times based on their requirements.

If you need additional information, Here is some information regarding the time it takes for Lasik to recover, as well as some tricks to speed up healing!

How Long Does Lasik Take To Heal?

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis can be one of the latest treatments to treat astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness.

Lasik requires several days to heal. However, most people can resume work and other pursuits after one or two days. In some instances, it might take longer to heal. This article will help you know how long it is expected to recover. It generally takes 3 to 5 days to recover from the Lasik surgery fully.

Most patients can return to regular activity within 24 hours of the procedure. Some signs that can last longer are the appearance of halos around light sources and glare eyes, redness of the eyes, and sensitivity to light.

These usually disappear in about two weeks. After two weeks, patients may return to their normal activities without any discomfort or discomfort that comes with the recovery process following Lasik surgery.

Why Should I be Patient?

It is necessary to wear contacts or glasses for a few weeks following the procedure. In addition, you will not be allowed to drive, swim or lift more than 3lbs (1.4 kg) for several weeks.

Furthermore, your doctor will advise you to wait for at least a day before returning to work and two weeks before engaging in activities that require a lot of effort, such as sports.

Your vision may not be crystal clear right away following surgery. Still, it is likely to improve over several days.

Why Isn’t Everyone Choosing LASIK Immediately?

In the case of LASIK surgery, plenty of misinformation and inaccurate information is available there. If you’re thinking of the possibility of having your vision corrected by the removal of a tissue flap extracted from the cornea and then reshaped with excitation lasers, it is important to be aware of some things. One of them is that LASIK isn’t for everyone.

LASIK Surgery Cost?

Cost is usually a major element in the decision of many to go for LASIK. However, a large portion of the price will depend on the procedure you select and other aspects like geographic area and the prescription (the more expensive it is, the more costly it will cost). There are a variety of ways to get an accurate price.

In the average case, LASIK costs between $300 to $5000. If you’ve a very high prescription (above ten diopters), you’re likely to spend more than $5000. However, suppose your medication isn’t too high (in fact, it’s lower than 20 diopters). In that case, it’s possible to obtain LASIK at less than $300.

What Happens If My Vision Deteriorates After Having LASIK Surgery?

In rare instances, LASIK surgery can cause an individual’s vision to diminish. While it’s extremely rare (occurring only in less than 1% of patients), it is an extremely frightening experience for anyone seeking clear vision. It’s also very damaging to your vision.

If you’re suffering from these problems, you must make an appointment with your eye doctor whenever you can.

Tips For Resuming Normal Activity After LASIK Treatment.

Although it’s tempting to jump back to your following routine, you should relax for a few days. Then, use these guidelines to resume normal activities after LASIK surgery.

1. Avoid exercising for a few weeks following LASIK. You may be inclined to get back into your usual workout routine following LASIK. However, it would help if you rested for a couple of days.

2. Use these guidelines to resume regular activities after LASIK surgery: Following the procedure to correct vision with lasers, you should follow specific procedures to ensure the eyes have been repaired and are ready to resume everyday activities.

3. Make an appointment to see your doctor. Schedule an appointment to see your doctor’s office as early as possible after LASIK surgery.

4. Be aware of what you can expect during your post-LASIK eye exam: During your post-LASIK exam is usually scheduled for one week following surgery, you’ll get your vision checked, and you will receive instructions on how to take care of your eyes.

5. Get medical attention if you have any symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome may occur after LASIK surgery. So get medical attention if you have any symptoms, like burning or stinging sensations in your eyes.

6. Do not wear contact lenses until you see your doctor. Allows you to wear contact lenses until the eye doctor has permitted you.


1. What can you do to help your eyes heal faster following LASIK?

1. Avoid eye contact for at least 24hrs following surgery. Also, try to apply artificial tears if you feel your eyes are dry or itchy.
2. When wearing contact lenses, take them off and put them in a bag until you’re informed that it’s safe to insert them again.
3. Take painkillers available over-the-counter like Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or Ibuprofen (Advil) as prescribed by your physician.
4. Apply cool compresses on your eyes and eyes for 10 minutes per hour during your awake time.
5. Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, or using other substances containing caffeine when recovering from LASIK.

2. Does the flap recover after LASIK?

This flap is a shield to protect your cornea, meaning it’s not required to heal. It can take as long as three months to see your eyes improve the following LASIK. However, you can see with enough clarity when you can perform typically.

3. Why does vision become blurred following LASIK?

Blurred vision is a typical result of LASIK. It can take three to six months to see your vision improve. However, consult your physician immediately if you’re experiencing blurred vision following that time.

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