How does prepaid electricity meter works?

How does prepaid electricity meter works? Advantages of propaid electricity meter

How does prepaid electricity meter works? in prepaid electricity meter onece your funds are depleted it stops the flow of the energy. when you top-up your pripaid card it allows the power to flow again. lets know it in detailed.

You might know about the prepaid billing  criteria in your mobile phones, right? Prepaid billing options are pretty comfortable to choose from as they offer you the perk of choosing the services you want. Moreover, prepaid billing doesn’t bound you to pay excessive expenses of the service you don’t want to use.

Are you looking for the same options in other realms as well? Then we have something for you! Now you can apply the prepaid billing options in your electricity using prepaid electricity meters

If you are unaware of the use and working of prepaid electricity meters, this post is for you. Prepaid electricity meters are similar to prepaid mobile bills. You will be able to use the services in the form of electricity until you balance your prepaid card. As soon as you notice that your top-up balance has come down to zero, you will have to recharge and get the electricity supply.

The main question that remains unanswered is how does prepaid electricity meter work? As these have a different name, it’s evident that a prepaid electricity meter is separate from a regular electricity meter. If you wish to use a prepaid electricity meter, you need to follow some processes.

First, as a consumer, you need to get a prepaid recharge of a stipulated amount in the form of a prepaid card. This prepaid card is then fed into a micro controller that scans the prepaid card and electric meter data. The entire data from the meter is then displayed on an LCD screen, including the past use of electricity. This allows you to choose the amount of energy needed in one month and choose the prepaid option accordingly.

A prepaid electricity meter records the energy consumption in terms of 1 Unit or 1 kilowatt-hour. 1 kilowatt-hour means the energy needed to supply 1 kW power supply for 1 hour.

The entire programming of the prepaid electricity meters is quite perfect and precise. These electric meters are designed to stop the supply of electricity once the balance is exhausted. As soon as you recharge your prepaid card, your electric supply is automatically switched on, and you can continue using electricity. This is like running a relay race; your electric supply balance is relayed as soon as you recharge it. You are notified of your daily electric consumption and left balance in terms of electric units. This gives you a firm idea regarding your usage and next top-up.

Advantages of prepaid electricity meter

  •  Allows you to save electricity.
  •  You can easyly manage your cash flow.
  • You will never get excessive electricity bill.
  • Yonvenient for your busy life.
  • It allow you to get “EMERGENCY CREDIT” (extra credit) facility.
  • You can topup your pripaid electricity meter by using your smartphone or computer.

The working of the prepaid electricity meters gives you a clear idea of your daily use and overall electricity consumption. This helps you balance your expenses by only recharging for the amount of electricity you need and desire to use. 


1. How much electricity does a ceiling fan use?

Usually, a ceiling fan uses 10 to 120 watts of electricity, depending on its consumption power.

2. Where is electricity made?

Electricity is made in the power stations. Electricity production is generated at power plants with the use of electrochemical generators.

 3. What are the sources of electricity?

The most vital sources of electricity are fossil fuels, nuclear power plants, and renewable energy resources.

4. What is the best source of electricity?

Hydroelectric power is the best source of electricity. It uses the potential energy of the falling water into mechanical energy, which is then converted into electricity.

5. Where does America get its energy?

America uses multiple energy sources for its use. The primary energy sources in America are fossil fuels, nuclear energy sources, and renewable resources of energy.

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